Race to Town for 3 days of Family Fun and Professional Snowmobile Racing

Organizers for the Caro Winter Fest (CWF) are pleased to share that the January 21 – 23, 2016, event will feature a revised racing format and the No Bull Triple Crown (NBTC) series of Enduro snowmobile racing.  The event will also feature a wider track for Pro-Enduro racing, double the racing with a 250 mile Pro-Enduro race, and an increase in team participation.  The three-day event will continue to take place at the Tuscola County Fairgrounds in Caro (MI).

For the past seven years, CWF has worked with the Midwest International Racing Association (MIRA) to bring professional snowmobile racing to town.  During the 2014 – 2015 racing season, MIRA and NBTC worked together on a pilot program to raise team participation and grow the Enduro and Sprint snowmobile racing circuit.  The pilot was a success and NBTC is now taking over the responsibilities of managing and operating Enduro snowmobile racing from MIRA.  CWF will be the second race in the three-race series, which includes Caro, Lincoln, and Mount Pleasant.  NBTC is offering a $50,000 purse for the racing series - $30,000 for Pro-Enduro, $10,000 for Semi-Pro Enduro, and $10,000 for Champ 400 class. 


"We are excited to be working with the No Bull crew," shared Debra Lipan, President of the Caro 150 Winter Fest.  "This partnership will allow us to bring in more teams and fans from across the Midwest and it will give the local economy more of a boost than normal."

The CWF will continue to feature everything racers and fans have come to love over the years.  The big Warming Tent will be open Friday and Saturday with food vendors, vendor sales, live entertainment, Penelope's Beer & Wine Ice Bar (must be at least 21 years of age to purchase), silent auction, and much more.  The famous chainsaw competition will take place on Saturday.  And there will be a sledding hill for the children and those young at heart to enjoy.



The biggest change taking shape for the event is the widening of the (ice) race track, which is well under way.  This will allow more teams to participate in the individual races and increase the Pro-Enduro race from 300 laps (150 miles) to 500 laps (250 miles).  There is also a slight change to the days the event falls on.  In the past the event covered a traditional weekend.  Now it will start Thursday evening with practices, followed by qualifying and heats on Friday, and the Pro-Enduro race on Saturday.  There will be some racing under the lights as well on Friday night.  One of the main factors for moving the days is to allow for the ever-changing weather conditions.  Now if weather hinders racing conditions they have an extra day to work with.

Event organizers are busy finalizing the schedule of events.  Tickets are $15 for a 1- day pass or $25 for a 2-day pass.  To stay up to date on event details, you can follow the Caro Winter Fest Web site and Facebook page or the No Bull Triple Crown Web site and Facebook page.    You can also contact CWF President Debra Lipan of Majestic Sky Link at (989) 673-7424 or CWF Board Member/Marketing Liaison Kris Reinelt of Thumb Area Tourism Council at (810) 569-6856.


About the Organizers

Caro Winter Fest is a nonprofit 501(c)4 corporation founded to organize and manage the Caro Winter Fest and Snowmobile Races with the added goal of increasing traffic flow to the local community and to support economic growth for the area as well.

No Bull Triple Crown Racing Series is a professional snowmobile race program created to build Enduro and Sprint racing across Michigan.


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As with any community event, we welcome support from sponsors, vendors, and volunteers; inquire with Debra Lipan at (989) 673-7424 for more details.

Directions to Tuscola County Fairgrounds